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Was unterscheidet einen guten Hifi-Highend Verstärker von einem normalen Hifi Verstärker?
Gibt es eine Hifi-Highend Norm?

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Akurate DSSolo Neo

Majik DS

Discover a whole new world of sound from a new generation of music player that outperforms any CD player...
"Vorführung jederzeit"

( Linn )

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Majik DS is ready to release the full performance potential of your digital downloads and ripped CD collection, setting it free from the confines of your computer so you can enjoy more music than ever before.

Utilising proven technology directly derived from our flagship Klimax DS player, Majik DS plays a wide range of formats with breakthrough performance, from the highest quality including, Studio Master FLAC recordings and WAV, to the most popular, including MP3.

With Majik DS you can catalogue your entire music collection then select and control what you like, when you like, at the touch of a button. We believe that you should decide how you want to control your system which is why Majik DS is designed to be operated on countless control options, for example a touch screen, remote control, computer or even your mobile phone.

Majik DS connects to your computer over a standard home network, so if you have broadband at home, you’re likely to have most of the system infrastructure required already. Store your music on a networked hard drive – a secure and reliable device which can grow with your collection.

Already own a hi-fi system? Majik DS is a quick and easy way to dramatically improve the performance and transform it into a system for the future.

Choosing your first hi-fi separates system?  Linn Majik is the perfect choice with all you need to create a high performance specialist system with just two components plus Majik 140 loudspeakers.  Combine Majik DS and a Majik power amplifier for the simplest system, or Majik DS plus a Majik-I integrated amplifier if you have other sources to connect, e.g. TV, DVD player, tuner, turntable. You can expand your system later too and enhance the performance further.

Majik DS truly is the future of music. Regular software updates keep your system up to date with developments as they emerge, such as new formats, storage and control options.

What’s more, if you decide that the high quality sound is just too good to be kept to one room, you can easily expand your system right throughout your home. Either connect more DS players to your system in other rooms, or add to a Linn Knekt or third party multi-room system.