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Acryl-Abdeckhaube für Innovation / AC073
Acryl-Abdeckhaube für Innovation / AC073

Acryl-Abdeckhaube für Innovation / AC073
Acryl-Abdeckhaube für Innovation / AC073

INNOVATION / Schwarzer Klavierlack / TT027-I
INNOVATION / Schwarzer Klavierlack / TT027-I

INNOVATION / Holz Natur / TT028-I
INNOVATION / Holz Natur / TT028-I


Was unterscheidet einen guten Hifi-Highend Verstärker von einem normalen Hifi Verstärker?
Gibt es eine Hifi-Highend Norm?

Fachaufsatz aus dem Hifi-Highend Katalog 2000: >> weiterlesen...

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DC8 TMagneplanar MG 1.7

DC10 T

Die Tannoy DC10 T ist die neueste Kreation der britischen Lautsprecher Manufaktur und besticht durch sein sehr ausgewogenes und dynamisches Klangbild.

( Tannoy )

Definition DC10T

Highly braced curved cabinet with DMT™
The new curved cabinets are constructed from the finest grade plywood specifically chosen for its natural acoustic properties; manufactured from birch grown slowly in cold regions of the world and selected for its denser quality. The complex curve reduces resonances and internal reflections, improving mid-band clarity and greatly enhancing micro detailing. A special bracing mechanism, incorporating Tannoy’s Differential Material Technology™ (DMT), rigidly couples the driver/enclosure interface, further improving Definition’s accuracy in instrumental timbre.

Each Definition cabinet is hand finished to an exceptionally high standard in a choice of high gloss lacquered real wood veneers or high gloss black. Subtle aluminium trim to conceal fixings, magnetic grill mounts embedded below the surface and discrete Tannoy branding ensures Definition is clean and contemporary looking throughout.

Crossover with Deep Cryogenic Treatment
High end components and a ‘simple, straight’ philosophy combine to create a crossover with an ultra clean signal path. Low loss laminated core inductors ensure optimum LF performance while the HF network’s audiophile grade polypropylene capacitors are acoustically damped using the Tannoy DMT™ material. The Definition crossover sets the benchmark for signal integrity, reproducing music with all the articulation and intelligibility of the original performance.

The entire crossover assembly is subject to revolutionary Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT), achieving unparalleled gains in resolution and creating a more natural, cohesive sound. Using a proprietary process, the Definition crossover is supercooled to –190 degrees Centigrade and thawed over a set time period. This permanently reduces internal stresses in the microstructure of the crossover’s component materials, leading to better signal transfer and superior resolution of fine detail.

No compromise audiophile features Silver plated, high purity oxygen free copper internal wiring is used exclusively throughout the Definition loudspeaker. The OFC copper offers substantial gains in signal transfer and the silver plating affords unsurpassed HF signal transfer in the ‘skin’ region of each conductor. The substantial WBT™ electro-plated brass speaker terminals ensure effective coupling and high current signal transfer from the widest range of external loudspeaker cables.

Tannoy’s unique fifth speaker terminal electrically grounds the driver chassis, dramatically reducing radio frequency interference circulating in most hi-fi audio systems. Eliminating this RF ‘noise’ in Definition reaps considerable benefits in midrange clarity and further opens up the soundstage throughout the presence region for truly expressive music presentation.