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Acryl-Abdeckhaube für Innovation / AC073
Acryl-Abdeckhaube für Innovation / AC073

Acryl-Abdeckhaube für Innovation / AC073
Acryl-Abdeckhaube für Innovation / AC073

INNOVATION / Schwarzer Klavierlack / TT027-I
INNOVATION / Schwarzer Klavierlack / TT027-I

INNOVATION / Holz Natur / TT028-I
INNOVATION / Holz Natur / TT028-I


Was unterscheidet einen guten Hifi-Highend Verstärker von einem normalen Hifi Verstärker?
Gibt es eine Hifi-Highend Norm?

Fachaufsatz aus dem Hifi-Highend Katalog 2000: >> weiterlesen...

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Endverstärker arrow EVOLUTION 50P Endverstärker
039 6-Kanal EndverstärkerEVOLUTION 100P

EVOLUTION 50P Endverstärker

The EVOLUTION 50P is the most sophisticated and reasonably priced Power Amplifier Creek has made. It provides stunning audio performance and is capable of out-performing other makes of Power Amplifiers costing many times the price.

( Creek )

This new 55W (into 8 Ohms) power amplifier forms part of the new generation EVOLUTION 50 range of products. Housed in a slim case with engraved front panel and solid control knobs, it’s finished with either a black or silver brushed aluminium front panel.

Suggested System

sounds good with

The Evolution 50P will work very well in the following system. Please note the speakers quoted may need to be different depending on the size of room your system is to be used in.

Source: Evolution 50CD – USB DAC & CD player

Speakers: Epos K1Epos K2Epos K3

The EVOLUTION 50P uses a massive 200 Watt toroidal mains transformer with separate windings for high and low current analogue and control circuitry. This solution produces a good power to weight ratio and low magnetic interference. Creek’s design policy of connecting several small low impedance capacitors in parallel creates an ultra-high specification capacitor to smooth the DC and helps to produce a very powerful and accurate sound from such a relatively small amplifier.

This power amplifier has a similar high-end, bi-polar transistor, class A/B power amplifier circuit, to the highly rated EVOLUTION 50A, also developed by David Gamble.  It achieves very high open-loop gain and low distortion for a smooth and powerful sound. Featuring a pair of Sanken 15Amp power transistors, with built-in thermal compensation for rapid bias tracking performance, the EVOLUTION 50P Power Amplifier circuit has very low output impedance and is also able to deliver high output current. This combination will provide exceptional speed and control over most loudspeakers.


Technical Specification

detailed technical information
Power Output >55 Watts into 8 Ohms
Power Output >85 Watts into 4 Ohms
Continuous Current >8.5 Amps (sine wave)
Max Current +/- 26 Amps, current burst into 0.5 Ohms
Output Impedance <0.1 Ohms @ 1KHz
THD < 0.005% 20Hz – 20KHz
SNR >102dB
Frequency Response 10Hz – 100KHz +/- 2dB Line
Gain 33.3dB (x46)
Input Sensitivity 410mV
Input Impedance 47k Ohms unbalanced, 30k Ohms balanced
Crosstalk -80dB at 1Khz
DC Offest < +/-10mV
Slew Rate >30 V per uS
Inputs RCA unbalanced – XLR balanced
Outputs 1 Pair of high quality binding posts
Operating Voltages 110V/230V Switchable
Consumption (at idle) <20 Watts (no standby)
(at full power)
350 Watts
Weight 7.5Kgs
Dimensions 430x60x280mm W/H/D


A simple unity gain pre-amplifier select between balanced XLR and direct un-balanced RCA inputs, to enable the user to input two different signals and select between either, on the fly, if required. It is fully protected from over-current, over-temperature and DC faults and will trigger the output and input relays to disengage immediately if an error occurs.

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